Steps To Perfection

Steps to Perfection is an Islamic curriculum for children designed by SABA Publications, under the guidance of Maulana Nabi Raza Abidi. The curriculum is aligned with the Ja’fari school of thought.

Comprehensive resource for understanding Islam

The Steps to Perfection website is a valuable resource for schools to teach students about Islam. It offers a comprehensive curriculum divided into four parts covering beliefs, manners, Islamic law, and history. This allows students to gain a well-rounded understanding of Islam and its teachings.

Interactive and engaging platform for learning

The Steps to Perfection website offers an interactive platform for students to learn about Islam. It includes engaging videos, quizzes, and interactive activities that help students actively participate and retain information better. This makes the website a great option for schools to engage their students in a modern and interesting way.

Valuable tool for presenting Islamic information in the classroom

The Steps to Perfection website is a valuable resource for schools to use in the classroom. It offers a comprehensive curriculum, interactive materials, creating an engaging learning experience for students. It also provides tools for tracking and testing students' progress, making it useful for assessing their understanding of Islamic knowledge.

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